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Moving Toward Personal Transformation

The elite who have ruled this world have developed a masterfully intensive program to blind us to our true identity and use our own consciousness to make us subservient. Nothing outside of our own consciousness can affect us in any way, unless we create it. Everything that binds us is real for us only because we recognize it as such and believe in its reality. We are its creators, intentionally or by submission. The powers that ostensibly control our lives receive all of their force from us. Because we believe that we have limited ability, we feel that we must align with their negative polarity through support or resistance. Through our fear and submission, or anger and resistance, we give them the life force of our divine consciousness. This weakens us and deprives us of our greater creative ability.

Once we realize our situation, we can begin the process of remembering the truth of our Being. We can develop sensitivity to our inner knowing and become intent on thinking, feeling and acting on what feels most uplifting and enhancing for all life. This knowing comes to us in every moment. As we continue to develop our inner sensitivity, we can learn to become positive in every way, raising our vibrations in alignment with the emotions of our true Self. In joy and gratitude we can begin to realize personal responsibility for our lives, resulting in our sovereignty and freedom.

Assisted by the rising positive energies of the Earth and the glowing, high-energy photon cloud of our galactic environment, we are being prompted to free ourselves from our historical bonds of enslavement and open our awareness to the potential of universal consciousness and mastery of our lives. Many techniques are available to help us center our awareness and transcend our ego-mind in deep meditation, where we can realize our true Self.

Spiritual progress requires intentional practice and motivation, but our current conditions are more supportive of this than ever before. As the Spirit of the Earth centers herself in positive polarity, we are increasingly supported in feeling the elevating energies of gratitude, compassion and joy, and it becomes more difficult and uncomfortable to be negative and controlling. Our planetary environment is becoming brighter and more beautiful, and we have the opportunity of aligning ourselves with these energies. We are here for a most wonderful transformation of life as we know it.

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