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Moving into Alignment with Our Higher Being

Updated: 3 days ago

How can we remove all blocks and perversions from our personal consciousness that keep us from being absolutely present in our awareness, so that we become thoroughly natural and in touch with our intuition and inner knowing?


Blocks and perversions of our life force can be recognized by anything that disturbs our spiritual equanimity. Whenever we go into fear on any level at even a very subtle vibration, it disturbs our equanimity. Whenever it arises, we can recognize every vibration of fear and face it. Then we can forgive it and thank it for its service to the expansion of our consciousness. We can transform our focus from fear into the flow of love and joy.


We may have many hidden fears, and it probably isn’t possible to deal with each of them. All that we need to do is to face each moment of experience as it arises without identifying with it personally. Just watch the show and interact as we choose to engage with the matrix. Everyone we encounter is a reflection of some aspect of our deeper self. If someone disturbs our equanimity, we can recognize how the vibration feels. From our focus on that vibration, we can forgive everything we may be carrying that has that vibration and thank it for its service to the expansion of our consciousness. The life force that we used to maintain that fear is released and the fear then becomes re-polarized into love and joy. We are again in equanimity, and as we become clearer and clearer, we watch the show with compassion and love, and we participate as we feel moved by our intuition and essential feelings of knowing.


A new world opens up—a world of magic and joy. For a while there are still disturbances in our equanimity. We can transform all of them back to love and joy. We’ll become proficient at this. We are becoming aligned with the Force—the flow of love and joy, the feeling of being of light, in a spirit of equanimity with intuitive guidance of the heart. We are all of the same consciousness, and as we become clearer, we become aware of much more—a greater spectrum of vibrations. We begin to hear the music of plants. We connect telepathically with animals, nature spirits and other humans. We understand a greater spectrum of life, and we are moving into a higher octave of resonance, along with the Spirit of the Earth.

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