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Moving from Unintentional to Intentional Creation

As fractals of universal consciousness, we are naturally creative on an energetic level in every moment. By the feelings we entertain and the workings of our imagination and thought patterns, we create our own vibratory expressions, our energetic symphony, which we radiate beyond our bodies. We have the freedom to think and feel however we desire, emitting energetic wave patterns into the quantum field, which we get to experience.

Because our consciousness is infinite, beyond our personal self-imposed limitations, we encompass every possible experience, and we can recognize those that we want, as well as those that we do not want to experience. As we move beyond duality and into the realm of our heart-consciousness, only positive vibrations come into our experience.

In ego-consciousness, we live in a hypnotic trance, accepting threats and intimidations in alignment with our belief in mortality. This is all a fabrication that we have accepted as real. Our mental and emotional processes create energetic patterns that become our experiences. By wanting not to experience something, even fighting against it, we are engaging with it and aligning with its energy, empowering its manifestation in our lives. By feeling that we are victims, we create victimization for ourselves, but by feeling thankful and joyful in every moment, we create energetic patterns that bring us fulfillment. There is no force beyond us that can have any power over us. We are infinitely powerful creators and can realize our eternal presence of awareness within the consciousness of the Creator of all.

Once we are aware of the consciousness of our heart, connecting us to universal consciousness, we can train ourselves to be always aware of its life-enhancing qualities. Anything that diminishes anyone disappears from our lives. In knowing and experiencing the unconditional love flowing through our heart, we can bring our conscious mind into alignment with our inner knowing. Until we do this, we live under the direction of our ego-consciousness. Although our ego thinks it knows how to live, it has no clue about reality.

If we desire it, we can bring our conscious minds into alignment with our heart-consciousness. The heart feelings and visions are always life-enhancing. We can feel the energies that we want to attract, and this is our creative urge. By being intentionally grateful for everything we experience, we can transcend our limiting situations and beliefs about ourselves. When we intentionally live in the vibratory spectrum of gratitude and joy, we can transform our lives into experiences of great love and fulfillment.

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