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Moving from Ego to Expanded Consciousness

In order to participate realistically in the empirical world of good and evil, we created limiting beliefs about ourselves and designed them to be able to entrance us so deeply, that we have not especially been interested in the unknown realms beyond. We have become fearful about our lives. Everything that we feel we need to survive is based on fear of not surviving. To mitigate this, we work and buy insurance, while we align ourselves with the limiting beliefs of feeling intimidated and of growing old and dying. Any different reality for ourselves is doubted and not participated in. Our ego-consciousness wants proof for what we can experience in another energetic dimension that the ego cannot perceive.

The ego cannot imagine how love and compassion can be more powerful than aggressive destructiveness. How can love and compassion overpower a nuclear bomb? Because everything consists of wave patterns of energy, power resides in the control of energetics. This is the realm of consciousness, which is infinite, and in which we participate and have our essence. Our entirety is conscious, from the subatomic entities comprising our molecular structure to our entire empirical world. Consciousness is the cause of all energetic expressions, and we are the directors within consciousness.

When we realize that we have access to the cause of everything, in our unhindered conscious abilities, we can live without fear, because we can create any energetic patterns that we desire with our mental and emotional abilities. We can change the structure of a nuclear bomb by loving and directing the consciousness of the constituent elements. To do this requires absolute confidence in what we are intending. It is an intimate union with the consciousness that creates everything, the divine One. This is how we create miracles and become Self-sustaining and enhancing of all life.

To break out of our hypnotic trance, we can become aware of our inner knowing and learn to trust ourselves. Arising within infinite consciousness and Self-knowing, we are expressions of our deepest essence. Beyond our ego-consciousness, we are our own infinite presence of awareness everywhere and always. With our power of realization, we can create and alter empirical structures and experiences.

Our full realization of who we are can develop as a result of paying attention to our deepest love and joy. We are constantly created to live, filled with joy and vitality. By opening our inner awareness to these qualities, we can share our emotional awareness with all conscious beings and work with them for the greater expression of life in beauty and majesty.

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