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More Fully Developing Our Capabilities

By recognizing a reality, imaginary or experiential, we can align with its vibratory range and invite its qualities it into our lives, filling us with experiences of resonating vibrations. Through our ability to modulate energies, we direct the qualities of our experiences by the polarities and frequencies of our thoughts and emotions, which create our present state of being. How we experience life is entirely our own choosing. We choose our orientation and direction in every moment.

We choose the forms and expansiveness of our lives. Except for our vibratory reactions to outside stimulation, we can with gratitude, accept and love everyone and everything that comes into our recognition of reality, regardless of how our ego-consciousness may regard them. This keeps us in a life-enhancing realm of realization, in which we transform any negative energy in our lives.

The qualities of all of our experiences result from what we think about and feel every day, not the forms, but the vibrations. If we want to experience greater love and joy in our lives, we must realize their presence in our thoughts and emotions. They already exist in our conscious life-force, waiting for us to open our realization to their reality in our lives. When we intentionally seek awareness of the source of our life, we are guided to its realization within our own essence. It is in the depth of our consciousness, beyond thought, in our deepest knowing and feeling. It can only be realized in its fulness by aligning with its vibrations of life-enhancing creativity.

To live in the new world, we don’t need to go anywhere or change anything. We only need to transform our realization. This changes everything in our lives that has had a negative vibration. By gratefully aligning ourselves with love and joy, regardless of the presence of any other energies, we can keep our connection with our deepest consciousness. As we gradually expand our awareness beyond time and space, and into our eternal presence of infinite awareness, we gain a sense of mastery of our lives in absolute confidence.

Only with our recognition, can something exist for us. By recognizing and aligning with specific energy patterns of scenarios in our imagination or experience, we interact with the quantum field of all potentialities enveloping us. We bring our recognition into our reality. Either we create something new, or we continue something we’re accustomed to. Everything that we create with our thoughts and feelings has a vibratory quality that returns to us. With our visionary and emotional recognition within ourselves, we can realize our fullest potential.

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