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Mastering Personal Transcendence

The depth of consciousness we are aware of is a function of our alignment with heart-consciousness. When we align ourselves with negativity, we are energetically weak, because we disable our creative inspiration with doubt and life-diminishing imaginings. When we intentionally hold our vibrations high, we can transcend doubt by opening ourselves to confidence in our intuitive guidance. This is our connection with universal consciousness and the source of our conscious life force. It is an expression of our heart-consciousness. We have great intelligence beyond ego-consciousness.

Once we are aware of, and in alignment with our intuition in every moment, we can have absolute confidence in the thankful and joyous feelings and thoughts that arise in us without any outer stimulation. If we change our attention to a negative vibration, we slip into ego-consciousness in the realm of duality, which is where most of humanity is. Our heart-consciousness is beyond ego-consciousness and arises from our infinite essence.

We are on the path toward full Self-Realization. For the most powerful experiences, we designed our human person to be unaware of our real essence. We needed to create our ego-consciousness to be able to navigate the world of duality without higher guidance. Because we could not know our true abilities, we developed limiting beliefs about ourselves. We could not trust ourselves to be true always. The empirical world of duality is very convincingly real for us, and it is a challenge to imagine that it arises from a limited aspect of consciousness which we direct with our attention and energetic alignment.

With our own mental and emotional abilities directed by our intention, we can create whatever quality of experience and whatever forms we design, when we are in alignment with the energy of our heart. This is the pure energy of unconditional love and joy. It is on a vibratory level with the emotions of the soul, our higher Being. When we are aware of these feelings, we have the choice of aligning mentally and emotionally with them.

Opening ourselves to our deepest inner awareness requires practice, or perhaps a drastic experience of transformation. Once our life choices carry our awareness into universal consciousness, we can easily master this game of consciousness that humans are playing with one another. In our return to the consciousness of the Creator, we become our infinite, transcendently-radiant Selves.

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