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Mastering Empirical Reality

We have been taught, and we believe, that we live in an objective reality that is physically separate from us. The technology of quantum physics, however, has shown us that everything is patterns of conscious energy, swirling at speeds beyond our physical perception, but within the awareness of our deeper consciousness, which interprets it all as the physical world that we realize as real. We recognize and interact with energetic patterns. Everything that we experience arises from the consciousness that we all share. With our attention and alignment mentally and emotionally, our consciousness participates in and creates energetic patterns having polarity and vibratory frequency. Our environment changes according to our predominant state of being and how we feel about ourselves.

Since we are the creative modulators of energy with our thoughts and feelings about anything, we are beyond the limitations that we have created for ourselves. Believing in our limitations keeps us from realizing the greater reality of awareness within infinite consciousness and our infinite power of creation. We are free to use our imagination and feelings however we desire. The vibrations that we align with in every moment create the quality of our experiences.

Fear and doubt do not exist on their own. We imagine them, and we use them to disempower our creative ability. Within our own consciousness, we have help with this condition. It is the Source of our vitality and is life-enhancing in every way. When we search for it, we become aware of it by aligning with its emotional and visionary stimulation. Intuition is the energy of the heart of our life-essence and our presence of awareness. It is our creative core and our connection with infinite consciousness.

Mastering our ability to create any reality for our experience depends upon our ability to express the vibrations that we want to experience. Even though we share the experience of the empirical spectrum of dualistic vibrations, we all imagine our own reality. We can change it at any time, within our personal destiny as we planned prior to incarnation. We can be aware of our destiny by intentionally penetrating into deeper memory. With our intuitive prompting and knowing, we have help fulfilling our intentions.

Once we feel that we’ve had enough experience of living in fear and stress, we can open our awareness to experiencing what we love. We can recognize, resolve and release our self-created limitations that are all based on fear of the unknown and possible conscious termination. As we go deeper into our conscious awareness, the unknown dissolves into infinite presence of awareness flowing through our heart-consciousness. Here we find fulfillment of all of our life-enhancing desires for all life.

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Shirl Joyce
Shirl Joyce
Jun 26, 2023
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Kenneth Schmitt
Jun 26, 2023
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