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Manifesting the State of Our World

If we have the intent to experience the fullness of our Being, we can be aware of how we feel in the moment. Our intention can carry us into expanding warmth and inspiration. By letting the energy of our heart expand into greater love and compassion throughout our presence, we invite and attract experiences that vibrate at a compatible resonance.

Every possible energetic pattern and experience is available to us in the unified quantum field of all potentialities. We have only the limitations that we have imposed upon our own awareness and believed to be real. At any time we can choose to adjust our perspective to align with the positive, unconditional love of Creator Consciousness, which we are being drawn toward by the rising resonance of our galactic environment.

As we pass through a massive photon cloud that is increasing our light, we are being drawn toward greater brightness in our own presence and awareness. This passage is bringing to light all of the deepest, darkest energies in our psyches and throughout humanity, things that have been hidden from our awareness for eons. This unveiling is making our present human environment seem as if everything is getting worse. It’s not. This is only the appearance of the darkness being revealed, so that we can recognize it, accept it and change our belief system to realize the reality of creator love.

Nothing is forcing us to believe in the reality of negative energy in our own lives. Its experience is only a result of our alignment with its energetic patterns. Instead of identifying with it or resisting it, we can just allow it to be, while withdrawing our permission for it to affect us. Unless we accept its reality in our lives, it does not have to be part of our personal experience.

It is important to understand how energy works. Our empirical experience is all controlled by consciousness and has no life force giving it presence, except for our conscious and subconscious creation and support. It cannot enter our presence without our acceptance and belief in its reality. We are the conscious creators of our lives. The qualities of our life experiences are completely a result of our own state of being, the kind of thoughts and feelings that we hold in each moment.

By being in gratitude, compassion and openness to intuitive guidance, we can follow the path of fulfillment and expansive Being that is always open to us from within. As fractals of universal consciousness, we are limitless in our potential. When we choose to open ourselves to our deepest truth, we can avail ourselves of full Self-Realization, which can occur when we allow ourselves to believe in its reality.

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