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Making Peace within Ourselves

Peace among humanity is an innate desire, and it can be present in our inner experiences. It can be achieved by alignment with our subconscious innate self, who lives in positive vibrations, except when we inject negativity. This results in defects in our physical bodies, because it interferes with our natural vibrations. We have free choice to be able to do this. We can diminish our life force consciously and subconsciously, even if we aren’t aware that we’re doing it. We have deeply-set negative beliefs about ourselves, which we created in order to have a limiting experience in duality. These energies were unknown to us apart from this realistic experience.

If we can be open to the idea that we are multi-dimensional and unlimited in our true Self, we can begin to experience our consciousness expanding. Freeing ourselves from our limiting beliefs can happen with compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and love. Without fear, our limiting beliefs cannot exist. They have no substance apart from our recognition and belief. Letting go of all fear and changing our perspective to love and joy is the expression of changing polarity from negative to positive.

From within duality, we can hardly imagine that there is so much more. From our technological instruments, we know that everything and every being has an expression of electromagnetic energy. Quantum physics has shown us that our recognition of energy patterns of entities results in the empirical appearance of the entity. Photons, for example, change from waves to visible light, when we recognize them. What is real for us, is what we recognize and believe is real. We have the choice of being limited or unlimited in every moment. It depends upon what we believe is real for us.

Energetically we can understand that maintaining a positive polarity results in positive interactions with other energy patterns and beings. When we realize this, our perceptions can change as well, and we begin to realize the light in everyone and interact with it in mutually enjoyable ways. There is another reality right here with us now, but in a higher dimension of energy, which we are capable of living in.

There is a consciousness at the heart of our Being that constantly enlivens us with the life force of the consciousness of the Creator. We are all the same infinitely-conscious Beings, fractals of the Creator, endowed with unconditional love and unlimited abilities. We only need to recognize our Selves beyond our self-imposed limitations to know who we truly are.

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