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Making a Shift in Consciousness

By bringing ourselves to a state of serene equilibrium, we can make a shift in our consciousness to a higher dimension. By listening to our inner sound, we can calm our mind. It draws our attention inward, and we can begin to penetrate our awareness and realize that we are beyond our ego-consciousness. Our identity is so much greater, as are our creative abilities. This realization can open our awareness beyond our limiting beliefs and allow us to transcend them.

We can intend to enhance our lives by directing our attention to the positive spectrum of energies of gratitude and joy. These are the vibrations that can transform our lives. We can begin to be compassionate with everyone, including those we have regarded as evil. They also have a higher aspect of light within their consciousness, even though they have become parasitic. We need not engage with them on their level, as we withdraw our life force from them, and they will disappear from our experience, unless we invite them by aligning with their negativity, whether in resistance or support.

If we can intentionally direct our attention to positive vibrations in every moment, and interact with the light in everyone, we become positively radiant. We can accustom ourselves to being aware of knowing the energy of our heart. It is our higher guidance. In this way, we can be in the presence of our expanded Self, providing us with wisdom and inner knowing of all that we need and want.

This kind of shift in our consciousness transforms everything in our lives, because we enable ourselves to live in positive vibrations. This is the energy we radiate into the quantum field, attracting energetic patterns that resonate with us. Negativity becomes non-existent in our personal experience. It has no alignment with us and is not in our spectrum of vibrations.

In a positive state of being, we’re able to have clarity of mind and emotion. With confidence, we can realize our creative intent in every moment. By maintaining confidence in our mental and emotional projections, nothing can stop our manifesting ability. If we do not have limiting beliefs about ourselves, we are free to realize our infinite Being and creative potential.

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