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Making a Leap in Consciousness

In learning to be aware of our inner guidance, we can choose to transcend ego-consciousness by eliciting the higher-dimensional energies of gratitude, joy and compassion. The vibratory spectrum of these feelings and their way of being is the kind of energy that comes through the conscious life force that flows through our heart and our higher chakras. Our guidance is what excites us most at this vibratory level. Our guidance is the energy we are being attracted to as much as we will allow. If we do not resist it through our limiting beliefs about ourselves, it draws experiences into our lives in alignment with our gratitude. Without our resistance, fulfillment is our natural state of being.

When we can direct ourselves into a state of gratitude and joy, opportunities arise for our participation with mutual love and delight in our encounters. Everything we need comes to us when we can realize its vibratory quality in our attention. We are naturally fed well, clothed as we desire, housed beautifully and transported in style. This can happen when we use our consciousness for the enhancement of all life. Taking the initiative to maintain an emotional and mental state of gratitude, joy, compassion, acceptance and love gives us access to greater realization and opens up our experience of magical living.

When we have confidence in our creative ability, we receive flashes of insight and knowing. Things happen in alignment with our own state of being. The qualities of energy that we pay attention to and align with are the qualities that manifest in our experiences. Only our limiting beliefs can keep us from realizing fulfillment for ourselves and for everyone. Our lack of Self-Realization can keep us from being our true Selves. This is our great challenge. In transcending our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we must change our attention from stress and lack of fulfillment to the enjoyment of what we love.

Making this leap in conscious realization happens in conjunction with our ability to follow our most attractive guidance. We can be aware of what feels most fulfilling in every moment, guiding us in every way. We can train our subconscious self thoroughly by much practice in learning to realize our infinite presence of awareness and creative ability. We are inherently masters of this dimension and any other that we want to participate in. Our Creator has endowed us with everything we could need and want in order to participate in experiences of all kinds in the expansion of universal consciousness. We get to choose how we want to experience our lives as expressions of Creator consciousness. We are the Self-aware ones, the ones with infinite creative ability.

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