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How We Can Love Our Bodies

Our bodies have abilities that connect us to the natural world in subtle ways. Because we are all the same consciousness, we can enter the awareness of other beings. We can feel their radiant presence. We can align with their vibrations and feel their essence, and we can do this with the Spirit of the Earth.

We may have beliefs that block this awareness by convincing us that trees and other plants are just things without consciousness, and that animals are separate from us and have no conscious identity. Likewise for our body, but we can decide to open our awareness to it is a vibrant vehicle for us to be able to experience everything that only physical human life can provide.

The condition of our body is a result of the continuous presence of conscious Creator life force enlivening our body, with the limitations that we have placed upon ourselves and accepted through inheritance. These personal beliefs are needed for living in duality. They exist, because we have created them to provide a convincing experience here. They are the cause of all of our physical defects, which are signs for us to resolve our attachments to negative energy, all of which are life-diminishing.

When we are holding onto all of the energies embodied with our ego-self, we cannot allow our body to regenerate to its divine essence. To realign our physical energetics with our divine blueprint requires recognition and resolution of our limiting beliefs. Any attachments to negative energy keep us from being able to be only positive.

We often align with negative energy by engaging with it on the level of resistance, which is life-diminishing and draining of our life force through anger and fear. The solution is to transcend the negative energy by intentionally and willfully aligning with positive vibrations. This takes us into a higher dimension of living. If we can be positive always, we have no attraction for negativity, and we do not experience it, regardless of what is happening around us.

As we become more loving, compassionate and open to higher positive vibrations of all kinds, we can also grow in accepting and loving our physical presence, and we can be grateful for the experiences that our body provides for us. We can know how best to help our body to function and serve us. We can give it the stretches and exercise that it needs, nutritious food and healthful care. Our body consciousness controls every cell and molecule in our body, and it operates in alignment with our state of being, the polarity and vibratory level of our predominant thoughts and feelings. By being in love, gratitude and joy, our body naturally regenerates and becomes more vibrant, once we have resolved our deep-set beliefs that doubt that this is possible.

Once we become mostly positive, and we have begun to realize our intuitive knowing, we can be mostly loving and supportive of the positive expression of everything, including our bodies. Our body consciousness is part of our Being. It knows when we are positive and aligns with this energy, providing life-enhancing vibrations for our body.

In our true Selves, we could never take the limitations of humanity seriously, because we realize our present, unlimited awareness, living in the eternal consciousness of the Creator, and able to create everything we need and want. Awareness of our expanded Self can allow us to play our roles in the Matrix of humanity with the mastery that our intuitive guidance provides in alignment with unconditional love for our entire Being and all that exists.

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