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Living Ineffably While Being Incarnated

Life in the empirical world is inherently limited, while our consciousness is unlimited. As long as we restrict ourselves to awareness within the world of our senses and our mental logic and reasoning, we are unaware of our greater consciousness. We remain ignorant of our inner knowing and higher guidance.

The quantum field, in which we experience our empirical world, is challenging us to realize our greater potential. We can recognize our limitations and decide if we want to maintain them. Keeping ourselves locked into a world dominated by negative energy is becoming increasingly difficult, due to chaos and destruction in all areas of life. We are at a turning point in human history, in which we must choose the way forward, either to remain in the realm of empirical duality, apparently separated in conscious essence from other conscious beings, or we can choose to open our awareness beyond time and space to our participation in unified consciousness. This can happen in our own realization through our intentional desire to expand beyond our accustomed limitations.

By intentionally being aware of our limiting beliefs about ourselves and accepting them as necessary for our true human experience, we can resolve them in favor of awareness of our infinite essence beyond duality. This realization cannot come from outside of ourselves, and there is nothing other than our own limiting beliefs that keeps us fixated on a realm based on fear and belief in mortality. Unless we believe and create the experiences of lack, suffering and death, we cannot recognize, realize and experience them.

Changing our focus of attention to divine love and joy is our great challenge. The world of humanity appears to be self-destructing, and we cannot adequately deal with it. We are being challenged to open our awareness beyond this realm to a reality that is life-enhancing in every way. We can allow the enhancement our DNA into a crystalline arrangement of the molecules of all strands of our DNA. This happens naturally as we open our awareness to our infinite presence.

We are constantly creating patterns of energy with our thoughts and emotions. As we expand our awareness, and we can recognize the qualities of energy around and within us, we can freely choose the qualities that we wish to experience, by paying attention to them and aligning our vibrations with them, and by feeling and realizing their presence. We are free to open our awareness to the universal consciousness that is the essence of everything. Mastery of life is available for all of us.

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