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Living in the Shadow of a Greater Reality

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Socrates taught that our empirical, dualistic world is a shadow of a greater reality. He gave his students hints about it, and he brought them into its realization by asking penetrating questions that expose their self-limiting beliefs. The Socratic method enables us to realize that we are indeed self-limited. Nothing outside of our own consciousness can limit us. We have an infinite presence, and we live in its shadow. The shadow is created by our beliefs about ourselves. We know intuitively how we naturally are, and as we realize our limitations, their nature and origin, we can understand their purpose in our consciousness. If we decide that we no longer need them for our human experience, we have the choice and the power to neutralize them, so that the energy that we gave to limiting ourselves is now flowing in alignment with our conscious choice.

The world that each of us experiences is what we realize it to be. We are creating it in our own consciousness. The awareness of what is happening throughout human experience is possible because we all share the same species consciousness. Within our species consciousness, we have our individual awareness with the freedom to think and feel how we choose. This creates our individual experiences.

With the fear of ego-consciousness neutralized, we are our presence of awareness, attention and realization beyond spacetime. Infinite consciousness is our playground. We can create anything we want in every moment. This level of awareness occurs in our greater reality beyond the shadow. It fills all of our sensations with the vibrations of beauty, celestial music and unconditional acceptance and love. It is ecstatic in every way, and we are accompanied by many others who feel the same way. This dimension of consciousness is in us, living alongside our shadow world. What separates us is fear of the unknown and expectation of termination. These vibrations have been present throughout our consciousness in everything we think and feel and do. We need to understand the basis of fear as a human construct that we intended to give ourselves as a result of our desire to experience something different, a belief in our separate existence as individuals apart from the source of our conscious life force. We have enabled ourselves to know what was unknowable in our natural state of being beyond spacetime.

We are not required by anyone else to be limited. It is a personal choice in every way. Once we have an intentional out-of-body experience to explore our consciousness with infinite awareness, we are free to do so at any time. We can maintain our awareness beyond the body while also living in the body. We are not limited to the empirical world as we have perceived it. Our conscious awareness is free to focus on whatever vibrations we want to align with. This is our creation mode, and it happens in every moment. We have been largely the unintentional masters of our lives. We’re being nudged to make the leap into the depths of the heart of our Being. Here is where we can be Self-Realized in a higher energetic dimension.

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