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Living in the Realm of Inner Knowing

We have the ability to transform every negative scenario into its corresponding positive scenario. Since all possible energetic patterns exist in the quantum field, we choose which polarity we prefer to come into our awareness. Electromagnetic wave patterns have mirror images between positive and negative. Which one we experience is our choice. We will recognize the one we choose. Two people can be in the same scenario, one positively-oriented, and the other negatively, and their experiences will be the same, but different. One will be in some level of fear, and the other will be thankful and understanding, and their circumstances will arrange themselves to accommodate both. Some call this magic or miraculous, but it is just the manifestation of energy, modulated through our attention, thoughts and emotions.

Intuitively we know how to transform our circumstances in every moment by being attuned to the vibrations of our energetic heart center, the Source of our conscious life, constantly flowing to us and enlivening every cell in our bodies. It is the life-enhancing energy that we can feel as warmth and joy. any defects in our cells are due to alignment with the sustained presence of negative energy in our realization, through our belief in its reality. We just need to flip to the other side. This is a zero-sum game of energetic polarities we’re playing. Every negative has a corresponding positive. We choose which one is real for us, because in the realm of duality, we must be either positive or negative.

We can be aware of the real direction of the flow of life force, with both positive and negative flowing in opposition, resulting in equilibrium that is becoming more positive as we journey closer to alignment with the energy of our Source, which is constantly flowing within us and is available for our awareness, when we so choose. This energy is beyond polarity and includes a neutralized duality in its flow. We might feel that the positive side is in a different energetic dimension than the negative, even though they’re the same wave pattern.

The qualities of our experiences depend primarily upon our polarity. Events that seem dramatically negative have their correspondence as dramatically positive. We are aware of the one that we are aligned with, and that is the dimension that we live in. In the world of duality, we go back and forth between the light and the dark vibrations without inner guidance. Once we develop an acute knowing through our intuition, we are guided to live in the light on the positive side of duality. It’s a natural personal transformation that happens when we can open our realization to its reality.

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