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Living in the New World

As we awaken from the hypnotic trance of 3D humanity, we may need to reorient ourselves. It’s like awakening from a very deep lucid dream. We have known a personification of ourselves, but we have not known our true essence. We have lived under hypnotic limitations and cannot easily transcend them. Each of us has our own way of accomplishing this. A strong intention and asking for help from our guides and angels can open our awareness. Deep meditation can take us beyond our presence in space and time. Becoming aware of our inner sound current and immersing our awareness in it is another path. What we need is a kind of reverse hypnosis in which our limiting beliefs dissolve, giving us absolute freedom, fulfillment and unlimited awareness in the consciousness of our heart.

We can become intentionally aware of the light in everyone. It is a reflection of our own essence, being presented to us for our acceptance, compassion and love. As we become able to fill ourselves with these vibrations in any moment, we expand our conscious awareness beyond the limitations of the judgmentalness of ego-consciousness and into the unconditional love of creator consciousness. This elevates and magnifies our vibratory radiance. When we feel our eternal essence, we can identify with an energetic spectrum that we love completely and eagerly, because it is innately true for us.

When we achieve this awareness without attachment or ego-involvement, we open the access to our hidden abilities of infinite creative power and awareness. We can realize that we are not mere humans, subject to powers outside of ourselves. All of us, regardless of whatever condition we are in, are where we are of our own volition, which we can learn to direct. As expressions of Creator Consciousness, we have absolute power over our lives, circumstances and experiences, once we realize the truth of our essence.

We can awaken to a world of beauty and joy by recognizing its reality. It already exists right where we are, waiting for our realization in alignment with its vibratory resonance, which we can know in the consciousness of our heart. It is a consciousness that we all share in the enhancement of all life. Beyond suffering and death, it fills every cell in our bodies with vitality. Wherever we direct our attention, we can experience grateful and joyous inspiration and realize their reality in our awareness.

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