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Living in the Flow of Life-Enhancing Energies

As fractals of the Infinite One Consciousness, we have infinite abilities, and we can access them when we become absolutely trustworthy to ourselves. We have a deep connection to the Source of our consciousness and our awareness. This inherent awareness arises from the expressions of our heart-consciousness. It is always present, and we receive as much of it as we allow ourselves.

Because the ego operates on an electric charge, whereas, the heart energy is magnetic, ego-consciousness does not recognize the reality of heart-consciousness. They work together in their essence, and heart-energy is much more powerful, but unintrusive. In order to keep our awareness away from the expressions of our heart, our mind keeps us distracted and entranced without the resonance of the heart. This is an intentional self-limitation that we impose on ourselves. The deeper we go in ego-consciousness, the more our heart is silenced by us.

In ego-consciousness, we align our vibrations with a spectrum of energy different from heart-consciousness. Comprising our ego-consciousness are our limitations of every kind. They are all self-imposed to enhance the reality of our human experiences. These are powerful teachers beyond the limitations of duality and negativity, because they express the vibratory qualities of our personal state of being and energetic signature.

If we believe that we are perfect fractals of creator consciousness, which is what we are in our essence, we can realize the power and quality of greatest love, because we deeply know that we are our present awareness beyond space/time. We can modulate the energetics of any situation to align with the expressions of our heart-consciousness. When we realize our ability, we have the power of instant manifestation of anything our heart desires and guides us to.

By being open to our inner guidance, we can begin to recognize where it is taking us. We can intentionally go there in our feelings and imaginings. When we pay attention within, they will express for us the knowing of our inner guidance. We can know it by its vibratory resonance, which is creatively life-enhancing in every way. By aligning with this quality, we receive the clarity of greater awareness, enabling us to release our limiting beliefs about ourselves and realize our essence arising within the consciousness of the infinite One. This realization is beyond words and thoughts, but we can feel it and know it.

By following our deepest inner feeling and knowing, we can create a state of being that aligns with our heart-consciousness. This transforms our human life into experiences that we love and are grateful for. We can enter the awareness of the eternal radiance of our heart and clarity of our mind.

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