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Living in the Creator’s Life-Stream

If we desire to align more perfectly with the conscious life-stream that is carrying us into a new era for humanity and the Earth, we must open our awareness beyond the limits that we have set for ourselves. All of our limitations are within our own consciousness and can be realized for what they are and the purpose that they serve. They exist only for our experience in the realm of duality, and they enclose our awareness within this energetic spectrum. This is the realm of fear and diminishing life. We use our conscious life-force to empower our limiting beliefs by realizing them as real. Everyone does this, and we reinforce one another’s limitations, keeping us weak and suppressed within our own consciousness. It is a hypnotic trance that we participate in.

Awakening from the human trance is possible by searching within for awareness of the radiance of the heart of our Being. By identifying and aligning with the life-enhancing expressions that come to us beyond our ego-consciousness, we can feel the joy and love that we have been unaware of. We can feel and know the infinite Source of our life and our awareness of the quantum world of all potentialities. This awareness comes through our intuition, when we pay attention to the creative, life-giving energies that we can feel within.

When we intentionally feel the energies of gratitude, joy and compassion, we are beyond ego-consciousness and are aligned with Creator consciousness. In this state of Being, we can be mentally and emotionally clear, understanding what we have experienced in the realm of duality, and opening ourselves to our eternal presence of awareness beyond the holographic matrix that is the empirical world. Our recognition of energetic expressions of conscious entities brings them into our experience. By paying attention to what we imagine and feel, we create the qualities of our lives.

Having an out-of-body experience is helpful for transcending our limiting beliefs, because we experience their falsehood. When we’re projecting our awareness to somewhere else or to another entity’s awareness, we detach ourselves from our body-consciousness. We can be anywhere in our imagination, and what is important is our energetic alignment with positive or negative vibrations. The deeper we go with negative thoughts and feelings, the worse we feel. The higher we go intentionally with positive vibrations, the better we feel. This is the path to expanding consciousness and greater awareness. In transcendence beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves, the energy of our heart can open our awareness to our infinite essence and creative ability.

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