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Living in the Consciousness of the Creator

As we shift our awareness to realizing our presence in the consciousness of the Creator, we can recognize the need for clarity in wielding our creative power. If we allow ourselves to waiver into negativity, we immediately create imperfection in our energetics. We cannot be both positive and negative at the same time. That is duality, which doesn’t exist, except in our own creation. We’ve been creating it for eons, but we can change that to only positive at any time by making the choice.

If we can release our desire for something negative and limiting, we can free ourselves to align with the energies of unconditional love, our natural state of Being, because it is part of divine consciousness. We can know our deep connection with every conscious presence, which is everything that exists. We are all living in the consciousness of the Creator. When we can know the reality of this, we are fulfilled in every way, so that we have no cravings or needs. By aligning with our intuition, we are guided to everything that we would want. Nothing belongs to us, but all is given to us for our use and enjoyment in the moment of our alignment. When we no longer need it for our interactions, it disappears from our experience.

By learning to pay attention to high-vibratory energy patterns at the level of love, gratitude, compassion and joy, we can live in a state of ecstasy and bliss as much as we choose. This opens us to increasingly powerful vitality, because we are aware of greater wonders and more beauty in music and sensations. Our abilities are intensified, and our energetic radiation expands. As we become more open and energetic, more wondrous experiences come to us.

Once we know that we can absolutely trust ourselves to be true in every moment, we become invincible, living in the clarity of divinely-guided intuition. With our intentional direction, we can transform any energetic pattern into alignment with us or send it into the Light. We can come into a deeper understanding of life, aware of our Source and our connections with all conscious beings. Expanding throughout universal consciousness, we become aware of the awareness of others, imbodied or just energetic.

Our process of making these adjustments in our lives may have been slow, because of the density of our world. We’re accustomed to being compromised in some way, not letting go of attachments to limitations, even though they may not be satisfying. None of them are real, except for our beliefs, and they’re deeply set in our consciousness. By paying attention to our intuition, we can resolve them and transcend their vibrations into our expanded Self.

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Aug 09, 2022

Hi Ken, when you said, "We've been creating it for eons" it had a strong resonance for me.

Coming into every incarnation, I believe we fall under some type of amnesia and forget who we are. Again, thank you.

Kenneth Schmitt
Kenneth Schmitt
Aug 09, 2022
Replying to

Yes. It is now possible to recover from our amnesia.

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