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Living in Our Mind and in Our Heart

Our human mind operates through our brain, which has a neural network designed to function in the world of duality and separation. We have two hemispheres that understand left and right, sinister and forthright, bad and good, desirable and undesirable, positive and negative, self and other. We have created mental languages that emphasize the polarities and differences in our experiences. We have used our mind as a tool of our ego-consciousness, but it has a greater essence.

Our intuition operates through our physical heart, which has a neural network that is much more powerful than that of the brain, and it functions in unipolarity of positive only. It is non-judgmental and knows only goodness and unconditional love. It is intimately connected with our subconscious innate being. Our heart enlivens all parts of our being, physical, mental, emotional and etheric, with the life force flowing from the consciousness of the Creator of all.

Our heart is a direct expression of the essence of our greater Self, of whom we have been largely unaware, due to the needs of experiencing human separation and duality. When we are ready and desirous of expanding our awareness into greater joy and abundant living, we can resolve our limiting beliefs through our intuitive knowing, and we can open ourselves to awareness beyond time and space. Once we have become aware of our eternal presence, we can choose to continue to participate in our human experience, and we can choose to have fewer limitations whenever we want.

The ability of living in creative mastery of the human experience is available to us now. It’s a conscious intention to be always positive with no mental and emotional encumbrances. This gives us a state of being in clarity, resulting in great sensitivity to intuitive guidance. The guidance of the heart of our true Being is always given in deepest love and enrichment in every way. We can trust it absolutely, and as a result, we can trust ourselves to be true always. We can have all of our needs and desires fulfilled by our own creative spirit, and we can realize that we are part of the consciousness that creates and enlivens everyone and everything. We are all the same Being with infinite creative power.

This gives us a transformed perspective on our role in the play that we’re acting in, designing and producing. It’s all within our own consciousness and within our own energetic choosing.

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