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Living in Intense Situations

When we are in intensely magical situations, and sometimes very dangerous ones as well, we are released from our normal human trance. We are brought face to face with the belief in our mortality. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time, and we can choose which it is to be. We have an opportunity to choose to vibrate in resonance with the fear of death or with the joy of life.

In intense situations, we are filled with compassion and gratitude as we help one another. In these situations we are able to transcend our limitations and to follow our heart-consciousness. We may feel a deep bond with one another to have transcended ordinary life in the face of imminent death. When we’re ready to drop our attachments to personally-limiting beliefs, we may experience this kind of symbolism to jolt us into a greater realization of who we are as Self-Realized, eternal presence of awareness with unlimited abilities. Our ego-consciousness cannot imagine this, and words cannot convey our greatness. Mastery of our lives awaits our realization, and intense experiences direct our attention toward transcendence.

When once we have an experience of transcendence beyond ego-consciousness, we know what it is, and we can align with its positive, high vibrations, while opening our awareness to it. There is no requirement for us ever to leave our Self-Realization, and we can continue to live our human life in a profoundly different spectrum of energetics, in which life is enjoyable and easy. Our environment is designed to support and enhance life. When we are in alignment with these energies, we are provided with everyone and everything we need and love. The energies of life-enhancement radiate from our physical and psychic presence.

Situations arrange themselves in our personal lives to bring us experiences that we resonate with. Our physical bodies also collaborate with our personal energetics, resulting in either life-enhancement or life-diminishment. Our personal choices determine which kind of energy we experience. Even our DNA can awaken in response to the stimulation of greater light in our awareness. Every aspect of life offers us an opportunity to contribute to its enhancement by our conscious connection. All we need is a high state of being in transcendent awareness. Everything around us comes into resonance with us. Instead of submitting to limitations and negativity, we can choose to realize a higher dimension of love, compassion and joy. Whatever quality of energy we pay attention to and recognize feeds our realization of what is real in our experience.

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