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Living in High Vibrations

When we can imagine everything happening wonderfully in our lives in every moment, we transform into a higher-vibrating version of ourselves. And everything begins happening in fulfilling ways that we love and are grateful for. This is the beginning of mastery of human life. We transform from believing in limitations for ourselves into Self-Realization in infinite awareness. We are so much greater than our physical presence, and to know this, we must open our realization to the energy of our heart. When we want to be aware of our inner knowing, it happens for us in great clarity through our emotional nature. We know when we’re vibrating on the level of love and joy, as well as on the level of stress and doubt. We know all of these feelings so well and in the most subtle ways. By being aware of how we feel about ourselves in each moment, we know when we’re vibrating and being stimulated in positive or negative ways. These feelings are always our choice for our creative energy.

We may feel that we’re being influenced by our perceptions, but in reality, we’re creating the quality of our perceptions in every moment. This is our nature. We are the modulators of energetic patterns, which manifest in our experience, based upon what we realize. When we learn to realize gratitude and joy in every moment, we can begin to live in a higher energetic dimension, unaffected by negativity. This all happens as a result of choices that we make about who we are. As we resolve and transcend our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we free ourselves from the constraints we have placed on our conscious awareness. Our limitations resolve into our eternal presence of awareness.

As we learn to be thankful for our true Self, our awareness grows into greater compassion and wisdom. Any negative energy that comes into our awareness requires our alignment for its existence for us. If we vibrate higher in positive ways, negativity cannot exist in our personal experience. When we realize this, we are no longer entranced in duality, and we become free to be the creators of a reality that is enhancing and invigorating for all of life. Our presence in the physical world becomes easy, because we know that we are always fulfilled in ways that we are thankful for.

Once we have resolved the self-imposed constraints upon our awareness, we are free to express the desires of our heart in limitless ways. We can become expansive in every way, with an infinite flow of powerfully radiant life force, expanding our etheric presence. We can feel this sense of personal radiance, and we know when we’re experiencing these levels of vibrations. When we can intentionally vibrate at the level of gratitude and joy, our lives come into alignment with this energetic spectrum.

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