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Living in Greatest Love and Compassion

The first reaction of our ego-mind to being attacked by negative energy is an attempt to align us with powerful negatively-destructive energy. It is to attack in return, using our life force in a powerful way. The strength of our reaction has a strong effect upon our energetic identity. We have free will to react in any way that we choose. It is possible for an enlightened Being to react differently to the same situation. Instead of focusing on the negative energy, we could choose to focus on love and compassion for the ones who choose to focus on the negative, and we can use the powerful energy that we are generating to expand our inner light, so that we radiate a powerful presence of gratitude and joy. As we continue to focus on the energies that enhance all life, regardless of the situation that we face, we become more powerful transmitters of light.


As our inner light grows more vibrant, our bodies align with higher consciousness. If we allow this process, we begin to regenerate without limits. With practice, we can increase the amplitude of our energetic signature, so that we become magnetically radiant enough to repel all negative energy. For this process, we can focus on life-enhancement in every aspect of our Being, in our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. This aligns us with the vibratory presence of Creator Consciousness. In this state of being, apart from ego-mind, we cannot be intimidated or threatened. We can realize that we are our eternal presence of awareness. We are not localized in our awareness, and we exist beyond space and time.


As we have realized our identity with our bodies and the physical world, we have become so entranced in its energetic patterns, that we have lost the realization of our true identity. Regaining it requires loosening our hold on the dualistic world we believe is reality in order to realize a greater reality of beauty, truth, love and joy. This means that we must intentionally direct our attention to what we love the most in every situation. Aligning with the energetic quality of the highest vibrations carries us to an expanded level of conscious awareness.


Our ability to realize is what creates our reality. Realization directs our beliefs and neutralizes life-minimizing energy by redirecting our attention. The thoughts and feelings that result from our attention form the basis of our perspective, which acts as a filter for our awareness. By having a perspective aligned with gratitude, compassion, love and joy, we naturally pay attention to the energetic patterns that they attract. This becomes our life experience, which is what we realize.


While living in the energetic expressions of life-enhancement, we experience the love and joy that we deeply need and desire. They are part of our essence and need to be in our conscious experience. By the way that we are, as the perspective of our energy signature, we attract and experience resonating energies that directly affect every aspect of our lives. As we continue to pay attention to our inner light of love and compassion, we unite ourselves with our infinite essence of unconditional love and acceptance in every present moment. This becomes the basis of our reality.

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