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Living in Expanded Consciousness

We can live in compassion and joy. This positive level of vibrations draws us into our intuitive knowing of expanded awareness of a higher dimension of living. We can be in any emotional and mental state that we choose. It is this state of being that creates the vibrations of our experiences. We can transform our lives by intending always to be positive and understanding. This intention opens our receptivity to the energetic patterns that are available for our recognition. Our alignment with this level of energetics opens up for us a loving way of life with others who are loving in their lives.

Everything arises from consciousness. We are designed to be able to modulate into experiences the energetic patterns that come into our awareness. Keeping our awareness within the empirical compartment of consciousness creates a longer stay there. By changing polarity to only positive we can move beyond time and space. This is where our creative power begins in our imagination. Everything we experience is filtered through our imagination, creating the kind of experiences we imagine as real. By imagining as real something we haven’t yet experienced, we create the experience on the same vibratory level. Being able to confidently feel and know that we are in the experience, is how we create the quality of the experience that manifests in our lives.

We do not need random thoughts filling our minds. We can take control of our consciousness by learning to control our emotions and imagination. We can practice and become clear in present awareness. Listening to the inner sound current is helpful in being present and aware of the energetics of our own consciousness. Developing sensitivity through open receptivity to and expectancy for greater love opens us to greater insight into every moment.

While moving into higher vibrations of love and joy, we fade into a higher dimension of energetics in a parallel timeline. Each of us can make this shift at any time by aligning completely with our intuitive guidance, because this is where our conscious life force is taking us. We can still choose the path of living in duality, if only to visit, once we know how to expand back into our eternal, infinite awareness.

We are on the path to expansion with higher guidance. In aligning with our intuition, we transcend the ego and all of our limitations. As they arise, we can be aware of the quality of their energy and decide if we want to continue to give them existence. Because we recognize them as real, we give them our life force. There’s no requirement that we do so. It’s a matter of choice on our part, if we want limitations, or if we want expansion.

Whatever is not eternal here is a human creation and can be changed in our personal experience by the vibrations of our state of being. We can practice just being present awareness and listening to the inner sound current. We can practice calling up emotions and creating visions of our new world of expanded consciousness in joyful ecstasy of beauty and love, until we realize that it’s real, and we’re experiencing it.

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