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Living in Duality from a Perspective in Eternity

There are many steps that all have to work together to make the change in perspective from duality to only positive. Being pure of heart is a necessary step on the inner path. Being open and non-judgmental is another. Wanting and intending to be kind and understanding always is another step, and forgiving ourselves of everything. Our life was partially just experiences in negativity for us to balance with the loving and life-enhancing state of our natural Being. In our true Being, we are far beyond ego-consciousness in expansive awareness, and we can transcend the ego’s limitations by attuning to our intuitive knowing.

In every scenario, we can direct ourselves to imagine the most life-enhancing energy that may be present. By practicing this, we become aware of higher vibrations all around us. Eventually we can transcend even body consciousness and just be pure Self-Awareness. As we gain sensitivity to our inner guidance, we gain confidence in ourselves to be able to hold our focus on positive, high-frequency thoughts and feelings from an objective perspective in every situation.

Intuitively we receive guidance in ways that our higher Self and our guides and angels feel that we can understand. This guidance is accompanied by events and symbols in our lives and in our dreams. Always present immediately in every moment, it is our deepest knowing, and there is never a pause for wonder or doubt. We have the ability to transcend our past negative creations with our intuitive guidance

Training ourselves to be present in awareness, open and clear of encumbrances helps in developing intuitive sensitivity. If we face crisis situations that demand our attention, we can still choose to focus on our inner guidance and immediately know how to interact in the moment. In this way we radiate compassion and gratitude always and continue to create goodness and beauty in our energy field all around us. If we develop a clear connection with our intuition and have a strong intention with absolute confidence, we can create whatever our heart desires. It is our energetic expression in greatest clarity.

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