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Living in Deepest Love

We are trained to have some level of fear at all times. This keeps us from experiencing true love, because fear keeps us negatively polarized, and because we doubt that it’s possible for us to participate in universal, unconditional love. With fear and doubt we sabotage the fulfillment of our desires. They are all part of the consciousness of duality and can be transformed into positive polarity in our own intentional focus and alignment.

To transcend the complications of a world of duality, we can be open to recognizing positive energies and feeling their vibrations. We can choose to expand our awareness and alignment with a higher realm of good, even ecstatic, vibrations. To do this we can be sensitive to how every vibration in our awareness feels. We know immediately if the energy is positive or negative. The negative may seem to be powerful, but it has no more power than we give it. We create its reality in our consciousness with our recognition and belief in its empirical form. To make it real, we send it our creative life force through our resonance with it. We now know what it feels like to feel separated from our life-source and threatened with termination, but we no longer need to align with negative energy in order to be compassionately aware of it.

With the vibratory levels of our imagination and emotions, we are in charge of creating the qualities of our own experiences. We can create the forms of our experiences and as much else as we desire. By how we intentionally use our emotions, we automatically create how we are stimulated to feel. When we are positive and free of fear, we naturally manifest whatever experiences we desire, because we have only confidence. There is no other possibility in the positive dimension.

Because it operates in duality, the ego separates itself from higher consciousness. By directing the focus of our attention to positive, high vibrations, we can transcend the limitations of our ego-consciousness. Being in a state of acute, clear focus usually requires practice. Ultimately we can come into alignment with our natural state of Being in the consciousness of the Being who constantly creates us all in eternal, expanding awareness.

Once we have resolved our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can be as expansive as we desire. In essence, we are our present awareness with the ability to direct our attention and vibratory alignment, resulting in our experiences in every dimension that we resonate with. To experience the greatest fulfillment, we can align ourselves in absolute confidence with the deepest love we can feel and know. We can live in a dimension of only positive, life-enhancing experiences. Unconditional love is inherent in our Being and is available for us to know and experience whenever we take the steps to open ourselves to it and intentionally align with its resonance.

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