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Living in Deepest Gratitude and Joy

Because we are incarnated in a realm of duality, we have a choice of living in two worlds, one of chaos and destruction and the other in great love and compassion. The world of negativity threatens us in many ways and is aggressively presented to us in the media and through military action. The world of love is quiet and receptive, but powerful. The world of domination and control is artificially contrived and cannot exist without our life force, which we have given it by engaging with it in our attention and realization. The world of positivity is natural and is supported by divine energy, which we identify as unconditional love and light. It is the source of our living consciousness and is the most powerful force in existence. Negativity seeks to destroy it, but cannot without our help, which we have given it by aligning with fear and anger. As we withdraw our support by focusing on gratitude and compassion, we become exempt from its influence, as we elevate our realization into a higher dimension of vibrations.

To our ego-consciousness, this is impossible, because our ego does not understand the power of our realization. The ego wants to fight for its life. For the ego, unconditional love does not exist. If we do not fight, how do we actually realize our greatest life expression? Because humanity is being elevated above duality by the rising energies of our cosmic environment, it happens when we raise our vibrations and align with the energy of our heart. We can direct our thoughts and emotions in ways that are life-enhancing in every way for all beings. Without our attention and alignment, parasites begin to miraculously disappear from our experience. When we are beyond doubt, this is the power of unconditional love. For better or for worse, our energetic radiance attracts resonating energetic patters that result in our experiences.

By living in gratitude and joy, which we can choose to feel, and residing in a state of serenity, we can become aware of our eternal presence of awareness. We are no longer a threat to anyone and can no longer be threatened, because we are aligned with a realm beyond polarity. Transforming our lives, our realization opens to a higher dimension of living. Our experiences come into resonance with our state of Being, because we are created to be the creators.

Our reality is what we realize that it is. We interact with the energetic patterns in the quantum field of all potentialities, and we can draw into manifestation any scenario that we choose, by focusing on the quality of its vibrations. When we become aware of the resonance of our heart, we can choose to bring its energy into our experience. We can fill our awareness with gratitude, joy and vitality. This is a personal choice that we all make every moment, knowingly or not. We can live in the radiance of our heart and transform our lives. while we also transform the energy all around us.

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