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Living in Creator Consciousness

Of the 26,000-year precessional cycles of the Earth, each cycle has a predominant characteristic level of energetics. For the cycle that we departed from on December 21, 2012, the polarity was largely negative, allowing for depression of human consciousness. It left a feeling of separation and diminishing life force. The cycle that we have now entered is largely positive, providing for more vitality and goodness. These energies are becoming obvious, bringing light upon the deepest, darkest energies of humanity for their resolution and release. Releasing the dark energies frees us from the bonds of enslavement that we have been under for millennia. This release happens as we realize that our enslavement has been possible only by our belief in its reality. This limiting belief is a choice for us to align ourselves with. We now also have the choice of changing our focus and aligning with freedom and unlimited awareness in unconditional love and gratitude.

If we choose to be unlimited, beyond time and space, we can open our awareness to our true, infinite Self, living in the presence of the Creator of all. In this state of Being, we align with the vibrations of infinitely creative energy and enhancement of all conscious beings. We all exist within the universal consciousness of the Creator, in which we can open ourselves to the awareness of any conscious being and be telepathically connected, once we become sensitive enough to our intuition. This is an intentional process of resolving and clearing our conscious and subconscious blocks to our connection with our higher guidance.

In the flow of increasingly positive, high-vibratory cosmic energy, we are being carried toward Self-Realization of our expanded Being, beyond our human experience. As fractals of the consciousness of One, each of us is an infinitely powerful creator in our true Being. In our human being, we have chosen to assume limiting beliefs in order to participate in this game of consciousness. From a more expanded perspective, we can understand its purpose, and we can change the quality of our experiences, which may also change the place and form of our lives.

In this life we are learning how to control the flow and direction of our life force. The flow of our energetic radiance results from our level of expanded consciousness, resulting in our radiance of joy and life-enhancing energies. We can learn to be present in our awareness as we go about our lives, and we can be aware that we are the presence of Creator Consciousness in every moment, expressing Itself in everyone and everything that is happening. When we realize that this is our reality, it immediately comes into our experience.

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