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Living in Alignment with the Spirit of the Earth

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

We can be completely at home on this planet, knowing the depth of her Being and aligning with her deepest love for us. She knows us deeply as well and has been accepting all human energy in deep compassion. She longs for us to realize her consciousness and join her in supporting and enhancing all living beings. We already know how to do this.

Many highly-conscious Beings have been attracted by the radiance of Gaia, Spirit of the Earth. She is a goddess of beauty and love. We can sense in our presence an expansive awareness of living, highly-conscious Beings, whom we have been unaware of. They are in alignment with the energy of Gaia and are increasing her radiance. This is the reason for our presence here.

If we choose to join our hearts with Gaia, we begin to expand our awareness beyond the realm of good and evil and into the realm of infinite love and joy in the creation and enhancement of all life. This is her energetic quality, and it is strengthening. We can expand this process through our creative intent. As we align ourselves with the energetic qualities of vitality, fun and love, we modulate the energetic environment within our bodies and all around us with these qualities. We can find them within us and recognize them for what they are.

In this way we can open our awareness deeper within to our innate knowing. This is the kind of knowing that wild animals have. They are attuned to the vibrations of Gaia and follow their frequencies. We have this same ability. We can avoid every kind of energy that is less than wonderful by being in gratitude, compassion and love in every moment. We can allow ourselves to be in this kind of mental and emotional state, while going about our lives. In our deepest inner knowing, we always are aware of everything around us and can choose the dimension we want to experience. By aligning with Gaia’s love and beauty, we create a great radiance of these energetic patterns, according to our clarity and focus of attention.

To enhance the love, compassion and beauty of Gaia, we can join her in aligning with her in our deepest innate knowing. It is like instinct, but it’s much clearer and more expansive. It is what we recognize as wisdom and deep compassion about ourselves for the conditions we have experienced. When we realize the deepest love and compassion, we are beyond ego-consciousness and into a greater dimension of positive energetics. Here’s some music that aligns with it:

Until we are permanently beyond negativity, we will continue to learn how to transcend it. Everything that happens for us is a result of our conscious and subconscious intentions. Once we control our attention to what we love and are attracted to in the deepest ways, we can completely transform our lives and open ourselves to our infinite essence and creative power in an expanding awareness of life and love.

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