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Living in a Parallel Reality

If we want to experience living with the most wonderful feelings and visions, we can open ourselves to the highest positive vibrations that we are capable of receiving and sharing through our heart. In our creator essence, we receive awareness of energetic patterns that we open ourselves to. These energies we can modulate into our personal vibrations in alignment with the enhancement of all life. Every scenario in our experience has this potential. Our experiences are created by our choices of energetic alignment in our thoughts and emotions. Divine magic occurs when we choose to live in the dimension of gratitude and joy in every moment.

We can enter an energetic world that is the same as the dualistic energies experienced by most of humanity, but our personal experiences can have the quality of strong expressions of our heart-consciousness. We do not suffer in the realm of duality, even though we are aware of it. When we intentionally create our personal reality through our realization of it, our lives can be filled with wonderful experiences.

Since everything in our lives is an energetic expression of consciousness, our world arises for us from our realization of it. With our open imagination, and with clarity in our emotions, we can create our energetic state of being, expressing the radiance of energetic formations through our full consciousness. As we learn to penetrate the hidden, self-imposed, energetic patterns in our subconscious, we can fulfill our deepest needs for acceptance, love and absolute support in every way. We can intentionally open our awareness to our heart-consciousness by aligning with its vibratory resonance in gratitude, joy, compassion and love.

The hidden fears, doubts and all negative energetics in our subconscious self are within us, because we have become attached to them, often through trauma and our family energetic inheritance. They live off of our life force, and are waiting for us to accept them and thank them for allowing us to have experiences that are impossible for us in our true infinite awareness. As a result of negative experiences, we are wiser and have greater compassion. Once we realize this, we no longer need these experiences and can release them in realizing our infinite Self in our eternal presence of awareness.

By intentionally thinking about and feeling life-enhancing scenarios, and transforming negativity into positivity through our imagination and emotions by intentionally resonating in alignment with our heart-consciousness, we can transform our lives into experiences that we are truly grateful for in every way, and that manifest joy, love, abundance and freedom in ourselves and all around us.

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