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Living Beyond Our Limitations

We have the choice of living in vibrations of enhancement of all life, including our own. When we do this, negativity disappears from our lives. In order for the chaos and life-diminishing energies of the world to affect us, we must give it our attention and engagement. When we fill our awareness with joy and love, we are in a higher energetic dimension beyond negativity, and we do not have negative thoughts, feelings and experiences.

By our social training and the perspectives of others, we have been held back from realizing our ability to live fully. We have accepted a reality of limitation. To begin resolving our limiting beliefs, we must realize that we have them, and no one enforces them, except each of us. We do it to ourselves. By realizing what our beliefs do for us, we can decide if we want them. What happens when we realize that beyond our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we are our eternal presence of awareness. We express ourselves as our human persons, but in our essence of Being, we have unlimited creative power in any dimension that we want to experience.

By living intentionally in making things better for everyone in our awareness, we can recognize the light of our own essence in the essence of everyone we encounter. We all share the same consciousness and can be aware of each other’s awareness. In order to live together in love, we must be true. When everyone is aware of everyone’s vibrations, we can realize our unity in essence and the consciousness that we all share.

As a race of billions of individuals, we share a world of vibrations that are made real for us as physical experiences. We create this world for ourselves by recognizing its energetic patterns. Our recognition causes an instant interaction that we perceive as our reality. Now that a significant number of us have decided to follow our heart-consciousness, humanity is coming into alignment with this level of energetics.

Our galactic environment is moving beyond negativity, and we are interacting with this environment. The Earth is becoming more filled with vitality and is requiring humanity to participate in renewal of life on this planet and removal of toxins. Whenever we are ready, we can each choose to live in the consciousness of our heart and be guided by infinite consciousness in joy and love.

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