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Living beyond Our Limitations

The most intimate connection with our Creator is the conscious life force that we constantly receive through the heart of our Being. This is our link to universal consciousness as well as the connection with our physical presence. Our ego-consciousness is our own creation, stretching back into our ancestry, and it is our navigator through the realm of duality and limitation. We are our conscious essence, our presence of awareness and self-realization. We can feel our conscious life force flowing throughout our awareness as an inner stimulation that feels filled with vitality and joy. Any negative feeling is actually parasitic to the flow of life force. Negativity depends upon our own creative projection and requires a portion of our life force for its existence. If we give our attention only to positivity, we are in our natural energetic flow, and negativity cannot exist for us. Our attention is in a higher-frequency band of vibration.

The magic of this understanding of energy is that it also translates into the empirical world. For the ego, magical happenings are mysterious, but understood energetically, they are natural manifestations of the quantum world. This is the energetic realm that is hidden behind the empirical world of our physical experience and is the pattern that manifests as our experience. We have access to the design of our lives by the vibratory energy of our mental and emotional abilities, which results in the personal resonance of our energetic signature. Our mental and emotional patterns are our energetic radiance within the quantum field.

Either intentionally or by acquiescence, we control our mental and emotional vibratory alignment. We are energy modulators. By our mental and emotional control in every moment, we are able to focus on the mental and emotional qualities that resonate with the energetic pattern of our heart. This results in life experiences that are magical in love and gratitude.

When we realize that the belief that what we experience causes how we feel and think, is backwards, then we can understand that our emotional and mental states are the cause of our experience, and we are on the path to mastery of our lives. We can learn to recognize when we are operating in limitation and change our perspective to alignment with our infinite presence of awareness.

Just being present in awareness and holding a focus on unconditional love and fullness of Being, as much as we can, is an exercise that will ultimately carry us into realization of our infinite Self. In the realization of our infinite and eternal presence of awareness, we have access to universal consciousness in the essence of the Creator, which is also our essence. In this realization we are completely fulfilled.

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