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Living beyond Our Current Reality

For eons humans have lived under constant threat of extinction, which actually became our reality in previous eras, but we are resilient. We can even change our DNA in order to survive. But the threats from within our own species have never been greater. As long as we live in duality, our challenges will keep getting more intense, until we realize that we are here for the experience of who we are. We’ve created limiting beliefs about ourselves, which keep us locked into limited awareness. It has been an interesting and intense game.

If we choose, we can be aware of a dimension beyond duality, that we can participate in, where negativity does not exist. In order to do this, we must resolve our limiting beliefs. We must be ready to trust the knowing and feelings emanating from the heart of our Being, the source of our conscious life-force, giving us our eternal presence of awareness. It is here that we realize the qualities of all energies and have unlimited awareness. As we realize the real essence of who we are, it becomes easy to play the game of empirical duality. We have abilities that we kept ourselves from knowing about.

Negativity and diminishment of life in our experience has only the reality that we personally give it. With our creation of the belief in mortality, we were able to create fear and suffering. Belief in our mortality is the source of our limitations. The final proof of the falseness of our mortality is out-of-body experience. Many of us have had these and have experienced infinite awareness within universal consciousness. There are many written accounts of these experiences, showing that death does not exist for us. It is a fabrication made possible by not understanding the essence of the material world.

Everything that exists is an expression of our consciousness, which is infinite, once we resolve our limiting beliefs. Consciousness expresses itself energetically through its modulation of electromagnetic waves. Everything that exists has its own consciousness of what it is, and it is part of universal consciousness. This is true of every subatomic entity, all of which are swirling points of light. They are the essence of the empirical world, and we share their consciousness. The natural energy of these entities is the same as the energy in the heart of our Being.

Once we open ourselves to this conscious life-force and are willing to trust it implicitly, we can live in the vibrations of enhancement of all life, and negativity disappears from our experience. It is in a different energetic dimension. We can be aware of it around us, but if we do not engage with it and align with its vibrations, it does not come into our personal experience. We can align with our inner knowing in every moment, living in love and joy and enhancement of all life.

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