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Living beyond Our Comfort Zone

Teachers and guides can take us as far as they have gone into expanded consciousness, but for us to realize our own infinite Self, we must go beyond where anyone else can take us. Words and concepts are by their nature limitations. Even telepathic communication is limited by form and thought. For true Self-Realization, we must become unlimited in every way. It means going beyond the body and beyond space and time in our realization. There are no props available and no concepts that are helpful. It’s a process of graduating into the unknown in conscious awareness. If we approach this process trusting in our own inner knowing and asking our inner guides to help us open our realization to our own Self-authenticity, we can progress toward realizing our essence as individuated fractals of infinite consciousness.


What does this mean in our practical lives? We are witnessing the drama of our ego-self in its quest for fulfillment. It quickly becomes obvious to us that we are witnessing a limited consciousness of pervasive fear of lack, survival and ultimate demise. Within this containment of consciousness, there is no awareness beyond its limitations. Anything beyond is scary, because it is unknown. The unknown is unwelcome, because we have become comfortable with what is familiar. Although it is based in fear, it also has some forms of love, which we don’t want to give up in the face of the unknown. The ego is comfortable enough to want to continue with the same energy within the human trance.


Instead of identifying with the ego, we can witness it in its fullness, while knowing what we are, beyond the physical world. We are our presence of awareness, without time or location. Because we have allowed ourselves to believe that we are limited beings, subject to intimidation and diminishment, we cannot expand our awareness without first resolving the containment of our consciousness.


Until we believe that we are more than we have dared to believe, we remain within the limits of our self-imposed containment of consciousness. We will not consider living beyond our limits. For ego-consciousness, living beyond our limitations is unknown, instilling fear of survival. In our essential self, there is no fear, because we know that we, in our expanded Self, are beyond all limitations. We become free of fear, allowing us to live in infinite love and confidence that we are in control through our inner guidance. We can relax over the drama of the ego-self and just accept it. We have been following a self-created script that we can change at any time by our attitude and perspective.


If we decide to go beyond our limitations, we need to have awareness of our inner guidance in every moment, and we need to understand and follow it. We receive guidance exactly when we need it immediately. We are required to recognize the guidance, which can come in coincidences and many subtle ways. And it comes with confidence. Really, we have no other way of knowing anything absolutely. It comes in the realizations that we create, and by what we believe is real. Learning to direct our realization is necessary to go beyond our limitations. That means drawing our attention to becoming comfortable with our inner guidance beyond words and concepts. Just knowing.

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