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Living Beyond Fear

When our consciousness expands beyond time/space and duality into a realm beyond polarity, everything is present wherever we direct our attention. Unknowns and mysteries can be resolved through multi-dimensional quantum energetics, which we can know intuitively. The goal is to awaken our sensitivity and receptivity to the energy of our heart-consciousness. We can know this consciousness by its vibratory qualities, which are always life-enhancing for everyone.

When one person receives something, its energy patterns become available to all, because all participate in universal consciousness. We all have the freedom to recognize what something is and to realize if it is real for us. We can choose to align with its vibrations. We can choose the quality of our reality by our perspective, our imagination and emotions. Through these abilities, we modulate and form the energetic patterns of our energy signature. This is our personal radiance and is the quality that the quantum field manifests in our experience.

Our reality constantly shifts according to the forms and sensory stimulation we feel and imagine. We have imaginary visions and feelings that arise from energetic patterns that we are receptive to in the quantum field of all potentialities. As we shift our openness to positive, high-vibratory thoughts and emotions, such as compassion, beauty and joy, we align with our heart-consciousness. By choosing to be in positive resonance with heart-consciousness, we are guided in clarity and confidence throughout our life.

When we awaken to infinite love and joy, we are aligning perfectly with our heart-consciousness. This is our natural state of Being. As our eternal presence of awareness in alignment with our heart-consciousness, we arise within the consciousness of the Creator of all. It is a consciousness of love, joy, ecstasy and sovereignty in the enhancement of all life.

As long as our consciousness is limited to the physical body in time/space, we align with fear of physical suffering and termination. By opening our awareness beyond time/space, we can transcend fear and replace it with confidence in the guidance of our heart-consciousness and higher etheric energy centers. We become unavailable to negative vibrations by paying attention only to scenarios that we love and can attract into alignment with us. Through our enlightened gratitude and love, we can live in the vibrations that enhance all life and bring fulfillment in every way.

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