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Living Beyond Ego-Consciousness

While we are bound to ego-consciousness, our potential awareness is far beyond our imagination. How can we know this? It is through our intuition, our inner knowing. Intuitively we are not bound to the time-space continuum of human consciousness. We can open ourselves to the realm of cause, of pure conscious awareness. In order to understand this realm, we must be mentally and emotionally clear. We can be present in our awareness, while intentionally directing our focus to feeling the quality of energy radiating from our heart and spreading throughout our being. It is life-enhancing unconditional love, connecting us to all beings in the universal consciousness of the Creator.

By aligning ourselves with positive, rising vibrations of joy, we can open ourselves to expanding awareness within ourselves and all creatures that we focus upon and into. These are subtle vibrations, and in order to be aware of them, we must be present and clear of attachments to limitations. We can invite them into our awareness and accept the vibrations that we receive, as our consciousness interprets them into communication that we can understand.

Because we have agreed to participate in human life here, we compartmentalized our awareness at birth to the consciousness within time and space in empirical reality. For the real human experience, we could not allow ourselves to know our true, unlimited Self, or we would know that we’re just playing at being human. We couldn’t have the deeper experience of living in duality. Once we begin to realize that we are much greater than our human person, we can transform our lives into experiences of love and beauty.

Our realization comes from our inner knowing, which our ego-self largely discounts. Our intuition is not a mental process. It is a feeling of alignment with an understanding and a deep knowing. It is accompanied by our inner sound current, which changes with our level of conscious awareness. This is all mysterious to our ego-consciousness, which can recognize only limitations. As long as we are attached to our limitations, we cannot truly follow our intuitive knowing or realize our greater Self.

The entire world that we have considered real in our experiences is a limited portion of our consciousness. We are much greater and can awaken to our infinite Being by resolving our limited beliefs about ourselves and opening to our intuitive knowing, which is present for us in every moment through the energy of the heart of our Being.

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