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Living Beyond Attachments

Only when we have no personal attachments, can we be mentally and emotionally clear. Only with clarity can we create properly. In every moment we choose, consciously or subconsciously, what we are creating with our attention and awareness of vibratory alignment. When we create from attachment to persons and things, we lose awareness of our intuitive knowing. We go into fear of possible loss, taking ourselves into negative polarity. Here we doubt our creative ability.

The way back to our Self-knowing is repolarizing ourselves only to positive. This takes us out of the experience of duality and opens the door to expanded awareness into a higher dimension of love and caring. This path requires great intention and fortitude, because we have trained ourselves to be limited and have made these beliefs deeply ingrained in our entire human consciousness.

We can train ourselves to transcend our limitations in consciousness by developing sensitivity to our intuition and listening to our inner sound current, always anticipating more joy and freedom. Our inner sound is the tone of the heart of our Being. It is audible to us, if we listen for it, and we can feel its vibrations. This is useful for us only if we are free of attachments, otherwise we create negativity in experiences tinged with fear of loss.

When we live in the realm that is only positive, we open up a richness of experiences without limitation. This is a huge leap in consciousness. We can train ourselves to resolve our limitations and transcend ego-consciousness for returning to awareness of our true Self. Within universal consciousness, we are our infinite, eternal, present, conscious awareness. We can just be our present awareness of ourselves without limitations. By being present, clear and sensitive to our intuition in every moment, we can transform our normal human lives into loving and fulfilling experiences with everyone we interact with.

Moving into a higher state of being takes intentional practice. While intending to be compassionate and loving always, we can learn to monitor our feelings and be aware of negativity arising from within. Examine it for its fear content. It is part of our ego-consciousness, which we no longer need, once we are aligned with our higher inner guidance and intentionally no longer dwell within duality. We can practice realizing ourselves living in a transcendent realm of beauty and love. This is the realm of our true Self and is where we feel most fulfilled and able to realize our infinitely powerful creative ability.

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