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Living as Our True Selves

Beyond our physical body and the empirical world, our conscious awareness is unlimited. Our essence is a unique personal expression of universal consciousness, infinite and eternal. How do we know this? If we are interested in finding out, we can study the basis of quantum physics, we can read the accounts of those who have had extensive out-of-body experiences, we can study and practice intensive meditation techniques, and we could enhance our natural pineal gland secretions of dimethyltryptamine with ayahuasca or other powerful psychotropics that stimulate our inner knowing. At some point, this inner knowing becomes our natural state of being, as we evolve through the ascension experience.

It all has to do with our desire and motivation to experience our soul-consciousness through our ability to be open and receptive to the joy and unconditional love that comes to us when we align with our intuitive knowing in the energy of our heart-consciousness. For this experience, we must transcend ego-consciousness through resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We need some kind of breakthrough experience that shatters who we have believed ourselves to be.

Living in unconditional love is threatening to ego-consciousness, making it impossible for us to trust what we deeply know. As long as we believe in the reality of suffering and personal demise, we cannot live beyond the ego. We need a personal experience of transcendence, which can come only when we deeply desire to know the depth of our Being and can open ourselves completely to divine love. When we can open ourselves so deeply, we can realize that we are the Self-expression of the greatest love and joy that creates and sustains all life everywhere.

Our essence is beyond words, thoughts and concepts. We are even beyond emotions and extra-sensory perception and all forms of energetic expression. Realizing our psychic presence is a step toward knowing ourselves, but we can only know our essence directly and realize our Being intuitively in alignment with our heart-consciousness. In this state of being, we are self-sustaining and self-fulfilling in every way, filled with infinite creative power in deepest love and compassion. In full Self-Realization, we are the masters of every aspect of existence. This may be lifetimes away for most of us, but it is our potential, and some of us can realize it.

Note: The 4th volume of Quantum Energetics and Spirituality: Aligning with Universal Consciousness has now been published and is available at the links on the book page of this website.

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