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Living a Positive, High-Vibratory Life

In our true Being, we are the divine Creator, fractals of the One. Although we have been largely unaware of our greater Self, we can open our awareness to our true Being. We can seek to know our unlimited Self-Awareness. Our inward journey is fraught with obstacles that we have placed there and have accepted as real. They are our self-limiting beliefs, which we adopted deep within our consciousness in order to have a genuine human experience in a realm of duality.

If we desire to move ourselves into a realm of positivity in every aspect of life, we will come into alignment with our natural life-enhancing energies. Our ego-conscious self cannot believe in its actuality. The realm in our consciousness that is beyond polarity does exist. It needs our recognition and openness for higher and higher vibratory visions and feelings. We can achieve a heightened state of Being by imagining and opening to Being in present awareness. Being void of attachments, random thoughts and feelings. Just Being present and open in eternal, unlimited awareness, guided by our intuitive knowing of everything we want to know in every moment. If this is our goal, then we must practice in order to get there.

To resolve our obstacles to expansion of awareness, we can recognize what they are and decide if we want them. This requires introspection and desire to know the unbiased truth about ourselves. We can learn to work in alignment with our innate being, which is not required to be hidden from our awareness. We only have believed it to be and made the separation real for ourselves. We have been intuitively trained to make ourselves unintuitive by creating our ego-consciousness. Our first step in expansion can be to remove the separation from our innate self.

We can communicate with our subconscious innate self by becoming clear in our awareness. Our innate self controls all of the functions of our bodies and makes our thoughts and feelings possible. We provide the awareness beyond all of that, the polarity, the choice of destiny. Our bodies can be regenerated by positive, high-vibratory living. They can express our state of consciousness, once we have moved beyond karma in our intuitive alignment.

When we are open, and mentally and emotionally clear, we can be completely aware of our intuitive guidance. All obstacles that may limit our awareness will have been resolved, and we can live in confidence, gratitude and joy.

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