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Leaving the Matrix

For eons humanity has been controlled by parasites. They could not have power over us without our permission, which they have taken through dissimulation. We can transcend our experiences with them by withdrawing our permission and our life force. Sovereignty is awaiting our conscious recognition and is part of being only positive.

When we are positive, we cannot have fear, which is negative. We cannot have significant contact with negative energies, because they receive nothing from us. They need our fear to exist. In the sense that we subject ourselves to them out of fear. Since we are then aligned with fear, we are giving our life force to the existence of negative energy.

The parasites have kept us in a hypnotic trance, not knowing that we can leave the negative realm whenever we become positive throughout our Being. It is an intentional choice to transcend our ego-consciousness and to open ourselves to expanding awareness of the energy we receive in the consciousness of the Creator. This is what’s natural to us. It is life-enhancing in every way and is what we can know intuitively. At this level of consciousness, there is no alignment with parasites, and no interaction.

Our eternal Self-Awareness is being aware beyond time and space, which is only positive and is the source of our human character. Once we clear ourselves of our attachments to our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we become emotionally and mentally clear. Our expanding consciousness can open us to realizing our innate abilities. In our higher-conscious awareness we are unlimited in every way. We are our present awareness with infinite abilities, and we have chosen to express ourselves as our human being.

These realizations can transform our lives into the experiences that we intentionally choose. Because we can be aware of the quality of the energy at the heart of our Being, we can express our life-enhancing energies in our experiences. We can have deep understanding in every circumstance that we encounter, and we can participate in great awareness within the One universal consciousness.

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