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Learning to Transform Our Lives

Our natural state of Being is everything that all of us truly want to experience. These should be the easiest experiences in our lives, yet we have resisted them. They represent the energy of our heart expressing itself through our mental and emotional abilities and interacting with other conscious beings. When we all can agree on what we most want to experience, we can know that these things are what is natural for us. We are created to experience them. We all feel good about living in love, joy, gratitude, abundance and freedom. We want these qualities in everyone and everything around us, as we experience the brightest, clearest, most fun, and enjoyable scenarios. Because all of these qualities are natural for us, we can choose to experience them in every moment by intentionally opening our awareness beyond our limiting beliefs.

Because we are all telepathic, and we want to live in our society, we have accepted the limiting beliefs of our community, but there is no requirement that we do so. It is all in our imagination and programmed into our subconscious. If we want to live in alignment with the energy of our heart, we can choose to resolve and transform our beliefs about ourselves, our identity and our nature. One way of doing this is to practice imagining the life-enhancing creator essence in everyone, including ourselves. That means living in unconditional love and gratitude as much as we can allow for ourselves, and to question everything that interferes with this.

By being the person that we truly want to be in every way, we can transform ourselves into expressions of our true Self incarnated with every cell filled with vitality and conscious life force directing it to be the best entity that it can be. All of our subatomic elements, atoms, molecules and cells are attracted to our energy and express themselves in alignment with our state of being. Everything and everyone in our awareness does the same thing. The way that we grow is by intentionally departing from our accustomed way of being and entering a new pattern of polarity and frequency.

In its essence, the energy of our heart expresses the consciousness of the Creator and is our guide for the enhancement of all life, including ours. By intentionally developing sensitivity to our intuitive knowing, we can successfully face every situation in every moment with gratitude and joy. Every experience exists for us when we recognize it and align with it in our attention and emotions. The energetic patterns existing in the quantum field manifest as experiences when we recognize them and realize their reality. By opening ourselves to their vibrations, we can intentionally align with them in our thoughts and feelings. We can imagine experiencing the kinds of energies that we like. With practice we can realize that we actually are experiencing them, and they become real for us.

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