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Learning to Live in the Light of Our Heart

Whatever we think and feel has an electromagnetic vibration that shapes our personal energy signature, which radiates into the quantum field that envelops us, attracting energetic patterns that resonate with our own. Although we are accustomed to having thoughts and feelings flow through us according to patterns in our ego-consciousness, we can intentionally direct our thoughts and emotions through the focus of our attention. What is important is the polarity and vibratory frequency of our focus.

If we are negative, harboring anger or fear, we can imagine experiencing things that we want, but they will come into our lives along with unfulfilling challenges to our well-being. Positivity creates positive experiences. Everything begins with our own perspective and state of being. We are constantly being creative. It is our nature and the essence of who we are. What keeps us from realizing our creative ability is our attraction to doubt.

In order to manifest the fulfillment of the desires of our heart, we must be in alignment with its vibratory energy. This is where we realize what we truly know. Since the process of knowing is different for each of us, we must develop our own intuitive sensitivity by focusing on inner awareness. This involves making peace with our ego-consciousness, so that we can relax into a state of serenity, listen to our inner sound current and ideally find the space between waking and sleeping, when the ego is silent. This is where we can expand into our infinite Self.

Much intentional practice may be required to achieve this level of Self-Realization, but along the way we can realize great personal transformation, guided by the energy of the heart of our Being, which comes into our awareness when we seek it, ask for it and are open and receptive. We can direct our awareness into alignment with the most positive, wonderful experiences that we can imagine, and then hold this focus, as we allow unconditional love and gratitude to flow over, around and through us.

When we can remain positive in every circumstance, we experience miracles and great vitality. We open the way for a life filled with abundance and joy. This is our natural state of being. It is a state of complete confidence in love and fulfillment for ourselves, as well as all conscious beings. It is the radiant and magnetic energy of our ascension.

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