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Learning to Live in the Consciousness of the Creator

If we allow ourselves to open our awareness to the greatest love and joy of our expanded Self, in alignment with the energy flowing through our heart, we can clear our attention beyond our limiting beliefs. We can imagine what those feelings are, and we can practice summoning them. The more we do this, the clearer we become and the deeper we can go in love, joy, compassion and gratitude. These are very high vibrations. By focusing on scenarios filled with them, we can transform our perspective and our life experiences.

By being free of personal needs and addictions, we can expand our awareness beyond our current simulation of reality. Our penetration of consciousness can expand our awareness and enrich our lives without end. Usually this kind of awareness comes after much practice in deep meditation. Once we experience it, we are no longer bound by anything. We are just clear awareness, knowing our own presence and able to vibrate in unconditional love in every moment. We can be aware of every other presence around us and know if they are in resonance with us. We can also be aware of what is about to happen around us, especially significant things in our near future.

This level of living is our destiny. It’s how we are created to be. To get there from where we have been requires effort on our part. Control of the mind and emotions in alignment with the energy of the heart of our Being, allows us to trust ourselves to create experiences that we truly want. Vibrations on this level enhance the lives of everyone and radiate into the quantum field and through all conscious beings. Our conscious presence extends far beyond our human experience, and is available for our realization in every moment. It comes to us through our own inner knowing.

Each of us can transform our lives to our highest and best potential by doing our best and intending to continue to expand in awareness of unconditional love. This is our natural way of being, and is how the cosmic energy through the Sun and the Spirit of the Earth are drawing us into resonance with it. Many beings without a physical presence are also influencing us to realize a greater life and more expanded way of being. We can be aware of all of this through our intuition.

On an energetic level, by far the most powerful organ in our body is our heart. It has greater mental ability than our brain and is much more powerful in its radiance and influence around us. It speaks to us through our intuition and offers guidance from the consciousness of the Creator, which we share as conscious Beings. In our ego-consciousness, we cannot realize this, and we remain skeptical and doubtful. When a strong interest arises in us to know what our life is about, it’s time to recognize our intuitive knowing, which can happen by intentionally raising the vibrations of our state of being. We do this by focusing on elevating our awareness and learning to see the light of the Creator in everyone and in every encounter. With our energy signature, we modulate the energy in the etheric realm, eventually manifesting into the quality of our physical experience.

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