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Learning to Direct Our Lives Intentionally

When we can feel and know the vibrations that are life-enhancing, we can know that we are aligned with the intuition that comes to us through our heart-consciousness and our higher-conscious centers. This is how we can transcend our limitations and understand the workings of everything. Existing in universal consciousness, intuition comes to us in the quantum field, where we recognize, and make real for ourselves, the vibratory patterns that we pay attention to. Our focus of conscious life-force through our attention and emotional alignment creates our experiences.

We interact with the vibratory patterns that we choose to recognize. By aligning our personal resonance with their vibratory signatures, we create experiences that we believe are real. Knowingly or not, we are the masters of our lives. Unfortunately, we have been programmed to give our life force to our ego-consciousness, which barely has a clue what life is about. Ego has provided us with the experiences that we believe are real. It does not realize that reality for us can be infinite. It lives in a realm of duality and is based in fear of degradation and mortality.

For us this life is a game that we are playing and directing from the etheric dimension in our consciousness. By our intentional awareness, we can direct our personal vibrations to resonate with joy, compassion and love, aligning with our heart-consciousness and our intuitive knowing and feeling. When we become acutely aware of all the subtleties of our intuition, we can live confidently and joyfully in life-enhancing ways in every moment, because we know the life-enhancing direction of our lives, and we feel wonderful.

At this vibratory level, we are living in a dimension beyond duality, and the chaos and negativity does not affect us, but our radiance affects it. We provide elevating awareness to human consciousness. By our state of being, we energetically invite everyone we encounter to align with heart-consciousness. We can express life-enhancing thoughts and emotions through our eyes and every aspect of our presence.

The realm of negativity is dissolving, and all of our hidden limitations based in fear are coming into our experience tor recognition and resolution through our higher guidance. Everything happening around us is inviting us to open our awareness to a more wonderful world that we can live in now. We don’t have to go anywhere or do anything differently. Our circumstances will change according to the qualities of our intentions and feelings. If we give our attention to the energies we love the most, we will keep experiencing more fulfilling lives, lifting ourselves and our energetic field into a higher dimension of expanded awareness.

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