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Learning to Be a Placid Lake at Sunset

We have learned to live in a world of significant limitations to our consciousness, but we can know our real identity and our great abilities. We can learn how to recognize them and use them. We can recognize how our empirical world becomes real for us, and what causes it to be. We are that cause.

We are such advanced Beings, that we have other consciousnesses working for us, paying attention to the vibratory level and polarity of our thoughts and feelings and manifesting these energies in our experiences. Our subconscious does not judge us. It translates our vibratory levels into the life forces of our bodies. Every defect that we harbor is a result of our alignment with the energetics of that defect. The energetics consist of how we feel about ourselves in every moment. These feelings reside deeply in our subconscious.

Making progress in life is complicated for us, because we keep disempowering ourselves with our doubt, shame, guilt, inferiority complexes, fear, anger and many other negative energy patterns. These are all imaginary aspects of ego-consciousness, creating our limited perspective on life and draining us of our life force by keeping us in states of anxiety, fear and other negative emotions. We have allowed ourselves to align with the resonant vibrations of life-diminishing limitations, and we provide our life force through our recognition of their reality for us.

Our limits are defined by our beliefs about ourselves. Regardless of how they arose, they each have a vibratory pattern containing a measure of fear and doubt. We can feel this and transform it into positive energy based on love by refocusing our attention, leaving the negative to fade out of our experience for lack of our alignment and life force. Without negative beliefs, we are left with only positive knowing. There is no more diminishment of our infinite Self.

As we resolve our limiting beliefs, our reality becomes infinite, as do our creative abilities. We begin to recognize that we live within an unlimited consciousness, enveloping everything that exists in all dimensions. We are constantly created in universal consciousness to express our own unique energy signature. As we encounter various levels of electromagnetic wave patterns in the unified quantum field, we have experiences in our awareness. The quality of these experiences is a result of our choice of our own vibratory level. As we gain a positive presence of awareness, we also gain the ability to hold a positive presence in any encounter. Our constant focus at the level of love transforms negative energy or dissolves it out of our presence.

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