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Leaping into the Unknown

When we decide to be our Higher Self, we could not know all of the implications. We just know that we want to be joyful and loving and deeply loved. We want to feel really good, even ecstatic, for as long as we desire. We want everyone in our awareness to be in alignment with these energies. To be able to be at that energetic level and state of being, we find that we have to let go of our attachments to our personal limitations. These are rooted deeply in our consciousness, and they need to be loved for the experiences they have given us in deepening our compassion.

The rising energetics of our planet and our cosmic environment are drawing us into more positive and loving relationships and feelings about ourselves. We can begin to realize that our awareness does not need to be limited to our ego-consciousness and even to the empirical world. These limitations are of our own making, and we can release them when we desire. If we keep imagining ourselves as unlimited as we can, immersed in gratitude and joy, apart from any concerns, passions or limited expectations, we will be drawn into experiences that resonate with our expanding vibratory level.

Every life form here is created to resonate with the vibrations of the Spirit of the Earth. Everyone is sustained and guided by the higher consciousness of its species, unless humans interfere with it. No one is created to deal with catastrophe, but we have chosen to create and participate in this energy in order to deepen our personal experiences of fear in developing greater compassion and understanding. Humanity also has a higher consciousness of our species. We have a group consciousness that is becoming more positive and expansive.

Many spiritual masters have expanded the consciousness of humanity into a dimension of unconditional love and infinite creative ability. We are not the first to enter these levels of vibration. They already exist and are held in the awareness of the Masters. They are available for our realization. We can develop our own vibratory level by intentionally imagining and being the One we truly want to be. We can be drawn to be unlimited in awareness beyond time and space as pure, infinite, present awareness.

Translating awareness of infinite Being into our human self comes with higher guidance in our inner knowing. Our true intuition is ever-present and all-knowing, when we know we are in alignment with the energetic level of the spiritual Masters. This is also our connection with the consciousness that creates everything. We can be intentionally attracted to our true Self-Realization.

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