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Knowing What’s Real

With all the chaos in the world, we may be easily distracted in believing that we are victims of our circumstances, especially if we are in a combat zone or are starving and seem to have no means to excel in our lives. It can be helpful to realize what actually is the cause of the qualities of our experiences.

Most schools of philosophy posit that the empirical world is our reality, and that we can know only what we can define logically and experience physically. There is little understanding of the nature of consciousness, but what happens when our bodies die? Our conscious awareness does not disappear. Instead, it expands greatly, and we become unlimited in our presence of being.

If the empirical world can disappear from our conscious experience, how can it be our reality? The only permanent experience that we have is our conscious present awareness. Even when humans are in a coma, our awareness does not disappear, it just resides outside the body. Without body consciousness, we still feel our encounters with each other’s radiant presence, and our personal consciousness expresses itself in our energetic signature, but in a different dimension of being.

In a non-physical dimension of living, we still experience the qualities of our state of being and our encounters with others as expressions of our polarity and level of conscious vibrations. We can sense the energy in the heart of our Being, just as we can when we are embodied, but without the density of physical embodiment.

Our physical embodiment is valuable for experiencing the results of our energetic creations. Because we are masters of modulating patterns of electromagnetic waves that our consciousness interprets as empirical experiences, we have the benefit of experiencing in physical form the results of our thought-patterns and emotional states. As we gain awareness of our preferred experiences, we can learn to direct our thoughts and emotions in alignment with the unconditional love and joy of the creative consciousness that is the Source and essence of every conscious being in every dimension. When we align ourselves with this level of energy, our experiences come into resonance with us, and our reality transcends dimensions.

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