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Knowing the Expansiveness of Our True Being

If we decide to be as expansive as possible, we may be aware of all the places where we’re ethericaly stuck in negative patterns of energy, like emotional knots, that we can resolve and release, once we recognize them. As we release them, we gain stature and confidence in greater awareness of our own presence as well as the qualities of the presence of others.

Our physical bodies represent to us all of our limitations. Our focus on them causes them to affect us personally and also to affect how we perceive and relate to others. Any defects that we observe in ourselves and others are part of our perspective on life, and they control where we are constricted because of some kind of fear, doubt or anger. However we acquired these habits of being, they exist to keep us locked into a compartment in our consciousness, keeping us from awareness of the truth of our Being.

We exchange energy with others through our eyes as well as by our etheric presence. We are constantly emitting photons and radiating the energetics of our state of being. As we expand into a higher vibratory mental and emotional presence, we become more radiant and brighter. If we can let go of the importance of our physical bodies and just focus on the energetics of the presence of everyone in our awareness, we can realize that we are expanding in our awareness of the energies of life.

What we have believed is real has locked us into the limited consciousness of the empirical world and a dualistic state of being. By choosing to be only positive, we can empower our subconsciousness to regenerate our bodies through our alignment with the energy of the intuitive radiance of our heart in its etheric presence. If we can focus on this level of vibration, we can become aware of our expanding presence and develop an elevated perspective that interacts with compassion, gratitude and joy.

While we focus on the energetic presence of everyone and everything around us, we can learn to treat them with compassion and love. If their being is receptive to these energies, we can imagine them as beautiful and vibrant. And so they will be, when we recognize them as such. For us there is no consequence, whether our visions and inspiration are received by anyone else, because we are creating the vibratory level of our own experiences with our etheric support of others. It is our own rising and expanding vibratory level that is important for us and for everyone else. We can fill the ethers with the vibrations of vitality and life-enhancement.

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