Knowing Our Higher Guidance

We are always limited by our beliefs in what we allow ourselves to be aware of. We are being challenged to allow our limitations to dissipate and dissolve, because they no longer are helpful for us. They are all created and held in fear. In order to be fearful, we have to believe that we are finite and mortal, that we can be threatened by anyone or anything outside of our own being, that we are incomplete and in need of anything beyond our own ability. In order to be fearful, we have to believe that we must depend upon others for our well-being and our personal fulfillment. Fearfulness requires that we believe that we are weak beings subject to the control and manipulation of others more powerful than we are. Is this who we really are?

Quantum physics has shown that universal consciousness is the essence of everything. Everything that exists in all dimensions is conscious and has a unique energy signature that is measurable. We are not only conscious, but we are self-conscious, and our self-consciousness permeates dimensions beyond the physical. The first expression of our self-consciousness is our personal energy signature, vibrating within the quantum field of all potentialities. Our self-consciousness is beyond time and space. We are eternal beings, sovereign in ourselves, capable of modulating energy into any form that we desire. When we are aware of energetic beings, they become manifest for our recognition. When we do not observe them, they express themselves as pure energy.

We are constantly creative beings expressing thought forms and emotions that create personal experiences for us in the same energy patterns that we imagine and feel. We constantly have patterns of energy that we can be aware of flowing through our being from the quantum field. Our presence in our current dimensional awareness is a projection from our greater Self, which is fearless, sovereign and infinitely creative. If we choose to be aware of high-frequency thoughts and emotions within our own consciousness, we can feel and know this presence through the energy of our heart. We know it as our intuition, subtly guiding each of us toward freedom and personal fulfillment in all areas of life. This guidance can reveal itself through energy that courses through our body, thoughts, feelings, images, events, symbols, melodies, dreams and many other methods of communication. It is conveyed with a knowingness that permeates our being. It is our connection to the Source of our Being and our guidance to infinite love, joy, beauty, abundance and peace in all dimensions and is supportive of life in its most glorious manifestations.

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