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Knowing Our Essence Beyond Spacetime

From within the confines of our empirical perspective, we do not know our true essence. Without awareness of the essence of our world and our greater Self, our personal realization is restricted to the world of our senses. Without knowing our creative essence, we have allowed our mental and emotional processes to run wild, while we ignore the connection with their consequences.


We have not known the cause of our experiences, nor how we create them. We unintentionally have created our lives largely by default on a subconscious level, oblivious of the control that we are designed to exercise in alignment with the intentions of our destiny. It’s as if we have been playing chess without a deep understanding of the game and without control of our attention. It is possible, however, to open our awareness to our true essence and abilities.


As we learn to relax into a deep state of consciousness, in which our breathing is slow, deep and rhythmic, and we align ourselves with the deepest love and joy that we can imagine, we begin to transcend the limitations to our awareness. It is helpful to listen to inspiring music, until we hear what inspires us within ourselves. Being in calming and majestic places in nature can help provide an energetic alignment with expanded consciousness. We can find that there is a depth to knowing our essential Self. Our awareness can open to everything and nothing. We are unbounded in infinite awareness within the consciousness that creates everything. We are our presence of awareness beyond spacetime, expressing ourselves as our human characters within a spectrum of energy that we perceive as real.


Our lives depend upon our perceptive realization and the amount of awareness we allow ourselves to experience. Our boundaries are all self-imposed and can be self-released and transcended. This is a shift in consciousness that requires intentional control of our attention and the willingness to become aware of the inner knowing that comes to us through the energetic expression of our heart. Beginning with the vibrational qualities of what we think about and feel, we are designed to live in the fullness of joy in complete creative control of every aspect of our lives.


For all of us who have this awareness, the outer circumstances of our lives become irrelevant as we go through a transformation in our consciousness. As we evolve in opening our awareness, the circumstances that we live in evolve with us. Prior to engaging in this process, we would not believe what is possible for us. If we can direct our focus to living in joy, love and compassion in every moment, we transform ourselves into masters of our life experiences, and we help to expand the consciousness of humanity.

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